I'm Alejandro

Finance guy and aspiring programmer

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Welcome to my website. I have been working in the field of finance for over 6 years. I am interested in combining finance with my hobby of programming. I am learning both solidity and python and hoping to apply my knowledge to better work with the fascinating field of defi.


My Skills.



First hand investment banking experience at Goldman Sachs for 5 years. Working in multiple divisions relating to interest rate derivatives from settlement of contracts to onboarding clients and working through their first trade.



Years of experience working throughout the trade lifecycle at a large investment bank has shown me that the current monetary system as flaws when it comes to reliability and speed. I do believe that the current innovations happening right now in the crypto space will create a paradigm shift in the not so distant future. I enjoy the transparency this new technology provides as well as the easy of transfer that comes with it.

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